Revision history for PerlDAV

v0.31 (released 2002/04/13):

v0.29 (released 2001/10/31):

v0.23 (released 2001/09/07):

v0.22 (released 2001/09/03)

Complete overhaul of API, recursive get and put, addition of dave.

v0.05 (released 2001/07/24)

General bug fixes and addition of proppatch

 - added PROPPATCH method to HTTP::DAV::Resource, thanks to Sylvain Plancon.
 - fixed uninitialized warnings in test scripts.
 - fixed new lock bug in DAV::Lock, thanks to Ben Evans
 - fixed dumb mistake where PUT was calling get instead of put, 
   thanks to Sylvain and Ben again.
 - fixed call to Utils::bad, thanks to Sylvain

v0.04 (released 2000/04/25)

Initial Release

 - supports PUT,GET,MLCOL,DELETE,OPTIONS,PROPFIND,LOCK,UNLOCK,steal_lock,lock_discovery