WebDAV Interoperability Testing Event

Santa Cruz, California, July 19-20, 2001
Baskin Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz

The goal of the WebDAV Interoperability Testing Event is to gather together, in one physical location, developers and testers of WebDAV/DeltaV clients and servers so they can exercise as many client/server pairs as possible. Ideally, all functionality of each client will be tested against every server. This will quickly surface interoperability problems. Once identified, these problems can sometimes be fixed on the spot (if developers have brought source code), or can be targeted for resolution in the Draft Standard (i.e., revised) version of RFC 2518.

Similar interoperability events have been held in the past for Internet mail standards, and have been very successful. They are an extremely efficient way to do interoperability testing against a broad array of clients and servers, allowing problems to be quickly identified and resolved. Invariably, the net result of an interoperability testing event is a set of clients and servers that work together better, hence offering better value for end-users.

As of June 8, 2001, 11 companies representing significant WebDAV clients and servers are planning on attending this event. Several open source projects will also be represented, including Apache mod_dav.

If you are planning on attending the WebDAV Interoperability Testing Event, please register with Jim Whitehead <ejw@soe.ucsc.edu>

Some details on the event:

Other questions? Ask Jim Whitehead <ejw@soe.ucsc.edu>.

Last updated: June 8, 2001