Problems in Previous Versions

This page details some significant problems that were fixed in each release of mod_dav. The main mod_dav page only lists summaries of the changes in each version.

This information is provided to aid people who are still running these older versions. These issues will most likely interfere with the proper/secure operation of their DAV server.

Fixed in 1.0.0

Fixed in 0.9.17

Fixed in 0.9.16

Fixed in 0.9.15

Fixed in 0.9.14

Fixed in 0.9.13

Fixed in 0.9.12

No interoperability or security problems were fixed in the 0.9.12 release.

Fixed in 0.9.11

Fixed in 0.9.10

Fixed in 0.9.9

Fixed in 0.9.8

Fixed in 0.9.7

Fixed in 0.9.6

Fixed in 0.9.5

Fixed in 0.9.4

Fixed in 0.9.3

Fixed in 0.9.2

Fixed in 0.9.1

Greg Stein
Last modified: Tue Jun 13 05:22:34 PDT 2000