How do I configure Goliath to work with

Goliath is a MacOS application that implements a protocol named WebDAV (often called WebFolders) and provides the same features as WebFolders support for Windows 95/98/NT. Since WebDAV is an open protocol, it can be used with a number of online services, including Please note that Goliath is developed by an independant developer and is not affiliated with or is a product of

Follow these steps to configure Goliath for use with the service.

  1. Download the Goliath installer from here. Double click on the Installer icon and follow the directions to install the application.
  2. Once installed, start the Goliath Application. If a dialog named New WebDAV Connection does not appear, select the menu item named New Connnection from the File Menu.

  3. In the New WebDAV Connection dialog, for the URL, enter in<user-id> where is your login for the StoreItOnline service. Make sure to remove the < and the > from the URL - they are here for sample purposes only. For example, if your login at StoreItOnline is jsmith the URL would be, and NOT<jsmith>.
  4. Check the Use Authentication checkbox. In the newly enabled fields labeled User Name and Password, enter in your user name and password. The dialog should look something like this at this point:

  5. Press OK to connect to A window should be displayed that presents your files on StoreItOnline.
  6. To save these settings into a Goliath Connection Document for easy recall in the future, select the Save Connection menu item from the File menu. To re-open your connection in the future, either double click on the document or open it with the Open Connection menu item.
  7. More information on how to use Goliath can be found in the online help (which can be found under the Help menu in Goliath) or online at the Goliath WebSite.