Setting Preferences

There are a number of preferences that can be set from the Preferences Dialog. The menu item to open up this dialog can be found in the Edit Menu.

General Preferences

By default, when Goliath starts up it will prompt for a new connection to a web server. This can be changed to prompting to open an existing connection or to do nothing.

Another option that is available in this panel is to show all files on a remote server. By default, Goliath will hide all files that the Unix operating system considers to be hidden (which is, to begin with a period).

The final setting relates to the way Goliath sorts the items it displays. By default it takes the case of the letters into account; this can be turned off so that items are sorted in a case-insensitive fashion.

Locking Preferences

When a user locks an item on a web server, they can optionally provide information about themselves (usually some sort of contact information in the form of a URL - a pointer to a web site or e-mail address) so that other people who may want to make changes to the file can determine who is currently making changes to the file.

In addition to setting this Lock Owner information, sending this information can be disabled as well by selecting the Set Owner Information when Locking Items checkbox.

Proxy Preferences

Global proxy default settings can be entered into this dialog. These can be overridden on a per-connection basis, but all new connections will default to the values stored here.

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