Getting Started

Thank you for selecting Goliath for managing your web content. Goliath is built to interoperate with a large number of different web servers. As long as the server is WebDAV compliant, Goliath should be able to fully manage the content hosted on that web server. There currently are quite a few different Web Servers running on a number of different platforms that support WebDAV; for more information on either WebDAV in general or on finding other WebDAV enabled products, please consult the web site

Other Sources of Help

Balloon Help has been provided for all of the Menus and Menu items in Goliath; to enable Balloon help, see the Help menu in Goliath.

Server Compatibility

Goliath has been tested with a number of WebDAV servers. These include (alphabetically):

Apache mod_dav
Apple iDisk
Driveway Enterprise Server
Microsoft IIS 5
WebStar V
Xythos (

In order to use Goliath, you need a PowerPC based Macintosh running at least MacOS 8.1 and 6 megabytes of free memory (slightly more if Virtual Memory is disabled). Goliath also requires an active Internet Connection.

A Note on Formatting

Throughout this help guide, text that refers to a menu item or particular control in the Goliath application is displayed in a Bold font. For example, 'To enable Help Balloons, select the Show Balloons menu item on the Help menu.

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