WebDAV conference call

March 24, 2000:  11am – 12:15 pm




Barry Lind – Xythos

Anne Hopkins, Randy Lehner, Sean Lyndersay – Microsoft

Jim Whitehead – UCIrvine

Greg Stein – Apache.org

Geoff Clemm – Rational Software

Eric Sedlar – Oracle (taking notes)

Bernard Chester – (Unknown affiliation)


Editor’s note:


These notes will be divided into three sections:  “Resolved”, “Open Issues”, and “Discussion”.  This way, if I don’t want to read the entire meeting notes (for example if I attended the meeting), I can quickly see what was supposedly agreed on, so I can raise a red flag about those points, before the editors write it up in the spec.




Open Issues:




Specificity:  how do multiple ACEs interact?

Discuss on mailing list

Does the distinction between users and groups need to be made in an ACE?


“checkPermissions” method:  “do I have rights to do the following operation if I tried it”

Bernard or anyone else interested to come back with a specific proposal.  (This may be very complex to implement—the entire method to be checked must be encapsulated in the request)

Who are the document editors

Email Jim Whitehead if you are interested, and he will get agreement from those parties to define a process.

Do we need an owner?  Can’t I just use a user principal?






Things that occurred to me while typing these notes: