WebDAV Access Control Protocol

This page collects ongoing and historic work on an access control protocol for use with WebDAV. This is a sub-working group of the IETF WebDAV Working Group.


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Related Working Groups

         WebDAV - Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning.

         DeltaV - This working group is developing a protocol for versioning and configuration management of DAV repositories.

         DASL - DAV Searching and Locating. This working group is developing a protocol for searching DAV repositories.



RFC 3744 - Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Access Control Protocol

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May 2004

Issues List

(currently maintained by Julian Reschke)


November 2004

Historic Draft Documents

Latest Draft Edits (prior to publication of RFC3744)

Access Control Extensions to WebDAV


May 2004

Published Draft

Access Control Extensions to WebDAV


23 Dec 2003

Additional Documents


WebDAV Access Control Goals


7 Aug 1998

Advanced Protocol

Advanced ACL Extensions to WebDAV

<draft-ietf-webdav-advacl-00> [Word]

16 Oct 2000

Teleconference Notes

March 24, 2000: [Notes]
March 31, 2000: [Notes]
May 5, 2000: [Notes]
May 12/June 2, 2000: [Notes]
June 9, 2000: [Notes]
June 23, 2000: [Notes]
June 23/June 30, 2000: [Notes]
October 20, 2000: [Notes]

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