About WebDAV Resources

This site was created in February, 1999 by Greg Stein to provide the WebDAV community with a central location for "All Things WebDAV." The site provides pointers to many types of information and materials, along with pointers to WebDAV software. In addition, the site is a host for the IETF WebDAV Working Groups, and several WebDAV software projects, such as mod_dav, cadaver, and Goliath.

The site is presently maintained by Greg Stein and Jim Whitehead. The Working Group areas are maintained by a number of people (see those pages for contacts). If you would like to assist with webdav.org, or if you would like to host your project here, then please contact Greg. webdav.org can provide web space, mailing lists (with associated archives), a CVS repository, and a central, easily-found location for your software.

The hardware for this site was generously donated by N-Space of Australia(*). The network connection and continuing donation of bandwidth is being provided by CollabNet.

(*) Actually, it appears that Recall Design acquired most of N-Space's assets on March 18, 2002.

Greg Stein
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